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Krone BigX1100 Blackhammer v2.0
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Krone BigX1100 Blackhammer v2.0

Field Chopper KroneBigX1100_Blackhammer this field chopper was completely built and worked by me
What he can do
Tire configuration Inkl Twin tires Freely selectable
Color choice rims
Color choice body
Storage tank added to 500k liters (500000 liters)
Speed ??35Kmh
Unfortunately no trailer or trailer can be attached more but it can load enough in its tank
If errors occur, please report this quickly
Much fun with the chopper
It is the first field hawker in LS17 who can do everything and we bring him himself on our card with 2mio liters of tank
Love the CoBF Team

Modell: KroneBigX1100
Idee / Konzept:Feldhäcksler der alles Kann
Tester:das CoBF Team

  • Silviu1993
    2017-06-24 15:15
  • Nikki
    2017-06-25 01:45
    Why even upload an incomplete mod? It makes no sense! Take the time and do it right and publish a finished version. People will appreciate it more!
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