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Krone Trailer v1.0.2.4
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Krone Trailer v1.0.2.4

This mod is designed to be used alongside krone forage harvesters to increase the time between unloading and have a matching harvester and trailer. Please E-Mail me if you find a bug or glitch that makes you crash or isn't what is in the video. There may be an easy fix to the bug and if I'm not aware of it, it may not be fixed.
Comment any suggestions below with anything else you'd like to be added or e-mail me at [email protected]
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Giants Software

  • Jake newton nass u.s
    2016-10-30 15:20
    waste of mods, the one in-game from GIANTS work just fine.... Take your credicts and stuff it up ya' ass
  • Mastermods
    2016-10-31 02:10
    Ya'know cause the in-game one doesn't even connect to the Krone Big X 1100...Please know more about the features provided before commenting on mods.
  • Tim121672
    2016-10-31 05:45
    Great mod, Thank you......AND JAKE NEWTON NASS U.S KEEP YOUR NEGATIVE BS TO YOURSELF! That's the kind of crap that needs to stay off of this site.
  • Wlee1970
    2016-11-01 03:37
    Hi, i like your mod (krone trailer) but one issue i am having is that my BigX 1100 HP isn't big enough to pull 300,000 liters of chaff, i can provide a video if you like :)
  • Mastermods
    2016-11-01 03:42
    Yeah, we experienced this issue on our testing server. We ended up using another BigX to push the back since we were working on the same field. If you aren't playing multiplayer, maybe don't fill it up as much between emptying
  • Wlee1970
    2016-11-01 03:52
    LOL i just made a video for you, i have it on my Dedicated Server, i blew what i had to buy those Bigx krones and hoping those trailers would rock, heh i got them both full and i can't get them to move hehe. still going to send you the video. Just because i made it for you :)
  • Rachr55
    2016-11-21 21:37
    WLEE1970 - Hi You can modify his MOD and just set the max fill amount to 100.000
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