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Krone Turbo 2500 v1.4
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Krone Turbo 2500 v1.4

Dear LS friends,

Version 1.4
- Animated scratching ground
- Dynamic Hoses
- Dirt (as "Dust-Dirt")
- Another sound update
- some shine

the "Krone Turbo 2500" is a small, single-axle forage wagon, which was manufactured by the company Krone from 1985 to 1993.

Configuration options: The forage wagon can be purchased in the shop with or without dynamic hoses.

The exact position of the pickup can be adjusted with the mouse.

The technical data are the same as with the LS13 master model of Giants:
Capacity: 25,000 l
Required tractor power: 40 hp
Needed PTO power: 25 hp
Working speed: max. 13 km / h
Year of construction: 1988
Purchase price: 11,900 euros
Maintenance costs: 20 euros daily

Giants (original model)
Oldenfarm (Modding-Partner)
Der Tester (dynamic hoses)
Stefan Maurus (Script "ScraperFloorSound.lua")
Steyr Modding
Many thanks to these modders for their ideas, templates and code snippets, without them I would not have managed.

Modell: Giants / Oldenfarm
Textur: Giants / PeterAH
Script: Giants / PeterAH / Oldenfarm / Stefan Maurus
Idee / Konzept: Giants / PeterAH / Oldenfarm

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    mod video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ImfGWxaUfA
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