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Kryptek Krone TX430 - 200000L v1.0
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Kryptek Krone TX430 - 200000L v1.0

Kryptek CAMO on a
high capacity Auger Wagon. Enjoy The Camo!

Price € 87.000,-
Daily keep € 150,-
Capacity 200.000 ltr
Fill type: woodChips chaff barley wheat rape soybean maize sunflower silage
forage grass_windrow straw dryGrass_windrow seeds fertilizer manure potato sugarBeet.

All my mods require a password, unpack and read HTML file for password.

Rolam, Lambo

  • Claude
    2017-01-03 16:16
    vraiment ridicule tes remorques va plutot jouer a la marelle et pk mettre des mots de passe ducon
  • Rolam
    2017-01-03 17:02
    what is that for bullshit with a password, those mods should banned. Look for the TX430 Hugh Capacity instead that one is without password
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-03 22:45
    Rolam Hater... :) Over 4000, people figured out the password and said thank you! Haters haters haters :) If you got time to write a Bad comment, you should mod more. :)
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-03 22:54
    Tous mes mods nécessitent un mot de passe, décompresser et lire le fichier HTML pour le mot de passe.
  • Truth
    2017-01-05 05:44
    LAMBOCOMM your NOT a modder, your a shitty reskinner. Just stop sharing your garbage!
  • Claude
    2017-01-05 10:53
    si tu mets des mot de passe alors fou toi les dans ton cul tes mods de merde
  • Kyfarmer
    2017-01-05 11:02
    i have to agree with truth and rolam, the kryptic crapo shouldnt even be shared, it looks like shit and im sure about its got alot of errors...so stop sharing your crap... and kryptic camo looks like nothing but comb camo... the true real camo is real tree and mossy oak, so give it up and just stop while you are behind....
  • Claude
    2017-01-06 10:04
    tu n'aurais pas mis de mot de passe cela n'arriverais pas tu te dit moddeur je me repete peut etre mais va jouer a la marelle du gland on ne met pas de mot de pass et pk faire on te connais pas ts nouveau ducon tu a des virus dans tes dossier que tu veut qu'on ouvre le dossier pour soi disant que tu en met c'est bien la premiere fois que je vois un con comme ca
  • Inspired
    2017-01-07 19:35
    Keep up the efforts, each you release gets better and better. I personally LOVE the kryptek camo! You insipred me to start playing with the editor. Don't be deterred by these CONSUMERS!
  • Tim121672
    2017-01-08 22:48
    @LAMBOCOMM Although I downloaded the mod I instantly deleted it because of the password, I would have loved to try it but I have other mods that do the same thing without the hassle. I mean no disrespect at all but why have the password in the first place?
  • Kryptek fan
    2017-01-09 13:46
    Trust me it's worth the download it's just a personal preference that she has. You're not the first to complain about it it's just your stipulations. If you download from her site it has the password on it.
  • Bullshitter
    2017-06-14 03:11
    actually Kyfarmer real cammo is multi cam and digital camo like the military uses and this kryptek camo is actually pretty cool to be honest
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