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KST Kenworth T800 Fixed v2.4
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KST Kenworth T800 Fixed v2.4

Fixed Lighting and a few other issues.
I finally decided to release my Modded Mods to the public.
I do not take credit to the model but i take 100% credit for any and all additions i made to the mod.
Keep a look out for KST Logging on FS17.
I give permision to all for reuploading to other sites


And to whoever the original mods belong to.

  • Boxters
    2017-02-13 00:29
    look's good but there is one thing that i don't like and it's the reason why i won't download it ...... your truck need one more axle at the back ! single axle even a new truck out of the dealers are good for junkyards so please stop doing like the european and add one more axle please :)
  • Kst247
    2017-02-13 00:47
    altho they are not common. they are used for specific jobs. if you dont like it, nobody asked you to download it. so why comment on something you dont care about to begin with? move along Joe Schmo
  • Copen
    2017-02-13 00:50
    Well boxters as i see it if you want that truck with another axle.... Go make it yourself. You get what you get and you dont pitch a fit
  • Kst247
    2017-02-13 00:51
    for you COPEN, i will make a t800 dual axle! dont release it to the public tho
  • Schoenberg
    2017-02-13 01:53
    like the north dakota license plate :)
  • Boxters
    2017-02-13 02:07
    i made a lot of truck for fs15 and the only reason why i would download it cause i didn't finished converting mine and my last creation a western star 4900 and presently on fs17 no truck have such clean aspect or detail but as i said need one more axle and the only time you will see a single axle is for town use only if it's for logging you will have 2 or even 3 rear axle XD i think you need to do a little bit or research
  • Kst247
    2017-02-13 02:41
    i never said it was for logging**** :P i use it for RPG moving mobile homes and such. but if you want more mods from me try not to be such a negative Nancy and i'll be releasing much more :)
  • Kst247
    2017-02-13 02:43
    Give me an hour and i'll convert one from fs15 with everything working, not too complex
  • Tim121672
    2017-02-13 02:46
    This is a nice mod that has its place in the game, you don't need a tandem axle to haul everything. in the real world its a weight issue not a in town or out of town thing. great mod, keep up the good work.
  • Kst247
    2017-02-13 02:59
    Thank You
  • Boxters
    2017-02-13 03:04
    well KST all the mod you make or almost all of them are for logging so that is why i tough you made it for and yeah easy to convert fs15 mods in one hour but why not fix texture and improved them in the same time :P and tim the single axle why i said they are for town cause you never gonna see one for long haul and they are more practical in town for their short wheel base ***
  • Kst247
    2017-02-13 03:14
    Well boxters..... from all the reviews i've received from youtubers, its great the way it is, and just to make you happy, i posted a dual axle up just for you ;) give it a few min
  • Kst247
    2017-02-13 03:19
    Just waiting on ModHub approval
  • Boxters
    2017-02-13 03:23
    never mind i already downloaded this one and made it a triple rear axle and boosted a little bit the engine but thanks anyways and it's working in my game right now without probleme ;)
  • Trucker
    2017-02-13 05:11
    @Boxters I drive trucks fro real and I drive a single screw all the time for cross country runs. Yes a duel axle is more common BUT there are single screw trucks doing long haul.
  • Kst247
    2017-02-17 06:18
    thank you. you are absolutely correct. i'll keep posting, no worries
  • Bigal
    2017-02-21 01:22
    Like'n the ND plates!
  • Speedking2
    2017-02-26 20:55
    I do not know what the complaint is all about the the Trucks works well for me. Good Mod KST247.
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