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KST EagerBeaver v2.4.7
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KST EagerBeaver v2.4.7

Just a converted trailer, Error Free, With Locking Script and Tie Downs, working Jack.

I finally decided to release my Modded Mods to the public.
I do not take credit to the model but i take 100% credit for any and all additions i made to the mod.

Keep a look out for KST Logging on FS17.
I give permision to all for reuploading to other sites.


And to whoever the original mods/model belongs to.

  • Sturdy
    2017-08-25 10:50
    In the error log
  • Lmfao @sturdy
    2017-08-25 18:02
    Fix it your self you useless waste of space. Copy and paste the error into your browser and it will pop all kinds of shit to fix it. Lazy as Fuck.
  • Nitefire
    2017-08-25 19:23
    Thanks for sharing KST247...looks like a nice mod! Looking forward to more!
  • Kst247
    2017-08-26 05:16
    no problem. eventually all my mods will be released. will showcase some on my youtube when i get the chance
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