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KuenzelGrainMaster v1.0
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KuenzelGrainMaster v1.0

By Künzel Grainmaster ye prepare the way your own corn meal, plus it must simply be filled with wheat, barley or corn.
The output of the milled grain or crushed seeds carried in handy bags that you can carry around.
These can be loaded onto a trailer or a shovel...With the possibility of selling them
He likes to put it,  with the giant editor 7.0.5

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  • Wtf


    2017-02-24 11:31
    You asshole just ripped the FS out of an existing mod, made a bad translation and put it into a cheap ugly building using old palettmover script which nobody uses anymore.Fuck off dumbfuck and take the mod down. Name, idea and the fillable is stolen russian bastard.
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