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Kuhn DLC (Download Only) v1.0
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Kuhn DLC (Download Only) v1.0

Contains the following equipment: FBP 3135, Merge Maxx 902, Planter 3R 12, Discolander XM 52, Metris 4102 and much more.

Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Russian, Romanian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

Release: February 14, 2017

Giants Software

  • Edzsystem
    2017-02-08 05:48
    i hope a wealthy someone with a good golden heart will buy and download this and re upload for free for all poor farmingsim player like me hahahaha
  • Patrick
    2017-02-08 09:34
    bonjour ce dlc serat il propose par STEAM au meme prix et a quelle date merci
  • Edzsystem
    2017-02-08 11:24
    and by the way @Support Giants... don't dictate me to get jobs coz i have a regular jobs right now not like you a dead hunger
  • Snowfarmer
    2017-02-08 12:05
    Simple fact here why would I want to pay $15 for a bunch of Crap in a dlc when I can get things just like it and better equipment for free from mod sites? I do support Giants I bought the damn game since I started playing the 2011 version.
  • Eagle
    2017-02-09 16:53
    This is a bunch of crap for a dlc . Most looks like its reskinned . I will save my money and buy cattle and crops and pure farming next month . Giants is an old game that will never be more than what the comunity gives it .
  • Eagle355th
    2017-02-11 20:44
    Cool Mod Thanks!
  • Cattle and crops
    2017-02-12 06:01
    Yet another paste and copy by giants with this dlc ! But I;m glad that giants is screwing up big time ! FS17 is a bug infested game and them patching it is doing nothing . Cattle and crops will be out in just a few weeks and thats when we will get a real farming sim . RIP farming simulator !
  • Modhub
    2017-02-13 07:02
    Thank god there are people out there who want to mod but this site just rips them off and reposts them
  • Gimmeh dis dlc bois
    2017-02-15 19:11
  • Ash1223
    2017-02-20 03:01
    you do realize uploading the dlc for others is illegal EDZSYSTEM right??
  • Edzsystem
    2017-02-20 09:41
    i agree ASH1223 it was an illegal no doubt for that it's a law, but 3 months from now, you'll see these giants dlc's pay to play kuhn mod farming equipments will reuploaded by your countrymen and will download it for free to play here in modhub.us and that time i was currently playing cattle and crops.
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