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Kuhn GA9531 Plus v17.1
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Kuhn GA9531 Plus v17.1

I present to you the Kuhn GA9531 Plus
It is based on the KuhnGA9531 of Giants, but there is now the possibility to attach a baler on it.
How do I get that idea?
A farmer in my neighbourhood realised that in real so it was reason enough to bring  this to FS17.
Have fun with it!

PS: I know that there's still a lot to do, for example, the  shaft. However, I haven´t time now to keep working on it.
If someone declared its willingness to mend such trifles, so let me know. Otherwise, no release.

Modell: Avero94, Giants
Textur: Giants
Script: Avero94, Giants
Idee / Konzept: Avero94
Tester: Avero94

  • Maurojunior
    2016-11-18 14:57
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