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Kverneland Mower Pack v1.0
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Kverneland Mower Pack v1.0

Kverneland Taarup Mower Pack

A selection of mowers of various shapes and sizes from the Kverneland Group

Mod Features

The pack contains the following mowers:

Kverneland Taarup 4028
- 9ft Mower Conditioner
- 70hp PTO power requirement
- Standard and Auto Swather editions

Kverneland Taarup KD240
- 8ft Drum Mower
- 70hp PTO power requirement
- Front and Rear editions

Taarup 3532F
- 10ft front mounted Mower Conditioner
- 85hp PTO power requirement

Taarup 5090
- 30ft Rear mounted butterfly mower conditioner
- 200hp PTO power requirement
- Selectable Auto Swathers


  • Laurent2
    2017-06-08 18:29
    Mod ne fonctionne pas
  • Erpilas
    2017-06-08 20:18
    Give many errors, you could solve it, thanks
  • Seanpierce19
    2017-06-08 22:08
    https://www.facebook.com/seanpierce19 .My upload deal with it hehehe
  • Name
    2017-06-08 22:10
    Hate to be you when the original modder gets hold of you as the original pack has copyright
  • Horrible mod
    2017-06-08 22:38
    This mod is pathetic. The modder clearly knows nothing about modding. Before you spread your shitty edits around, maybe just keep them to yourself until you reach at least beginner level modding.
  • Zzzzz
    2017-06-08 22:55
    mod wont even show up in my game WTF.
  • Chill
    2017-06-09 09:58
    angry peppl
  • Sturdy
    2017-06-09 14:19
    shit! customize!!
  • B


    2017-06-09 21:07
    this should be taken down as it crap and not origanal modder
  • Name
    2017-06-10 22:44
    fs13 only works a charm
  • Boydog22
    2017-06-12 00:18
    just to let yo guys know that im sean pierce and this is my second account on here i dont make mods so this is just a kid uploading mods using my name to get people mad of also i have 2 accounts on here on is seanpierce and the other one is this one boydog22 i use the seanpierce one for my converts and this one to upload other mods
  • Boydog22
    2017-06-12 00:20
    so to make sure you check the moddesc before using its from NI MODDING not from me thanks
  • Boydog22
    2017-06-12 00:21
    and version is 12
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