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KW T800B and T800H Pack v1.0
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KW T800B and T800H Pack v1.0

I’m excited to annouce the release of my T800B and T800H short logging pack for FS17. The pack contains two trucks, and the Arctic Quad trailer. The truck can accomodate logs up to 8 meters in length, while the trailer is best loaded with two stacks of 6 or one long stack of 12+. The trailer is designed in real life to stack on the truck, and with the help of a log loader or a sawmill crane, you farming2015mods can stack it on the truck with some precision operating. Thanks to everyone that participated in the making of this project, and a special thanks to RubberSideDown and Ridge Crest Logging for putting this truck to the test with countless loads of logs.

Ich bin gespannt auf die Freigabe meiner T800B und T800H Kurzprotokollierung für FS17. Die Packung enthält zwei LKWs und den Arctic Quad Trailer. Der LKW kann bis zu 8 Meter Länge aufnehmen, während der Trailer am besten mit zwei Stapeln von 6 oder einem langen Stapel von 12+ beladen ist. Der Trailer ist im echten Leben auf den LKW gestapelt, und mit Hilfe eines Log-Laders oder eines Sägekranes können Sie farming2015mods mit einem Präzisionsbetrieb auf den LKW stapeln. Vielen Dank an alle, die an der Herstellung dieses Projekts teilgenommen haben, und ein besonderer Dank an RubberSideDown und Ridge Crest Logging für das Setzen dieses LKW auf den Test mit unzähligen Lasten von Protokollen.

Je suis ravi d'annoncer la sortie de mon pack d'enregistrement T800B et T800H pour FS17. Le pack contient deux camions et la remorque Arctic Quad. Le camion peut accueillir des bûches jusqu'à 8 mètres de longueur, tandis que la remorque est mieux chargée avec deux piles de 6 ou une longue pile de 12 +. La remorque est conçue dans la vie réelle pour s'accumuler sur le camion, et avec l'aide d'un chargeur de bûches ou d'une grue de scierie, les modèles d'agriculture2015 peuvent l'empiler sur le camion avec un fonctionnement précis. Merci à tous ceux qui ont participé à la réalisation de ce projet et remercions spécialement RubberSideDown et Ridge Crest Logging pour mettre ce camion à l'épreuve avec d'innombrables charges de bûches.

Truck credits: GT-Mike SCS-Software 812Farmer GIANTS James60470 Seriousmods Tex57 Ventyres CG-Textures Corby Steve Ivan Polarexpress17 Bay0net Eclipse Colonel Redbull Trucker Steve pete379jp Jaden Ryan Trailer credits: bansheewoj 812farmer Seriousmods Tex57 Wendi Ventyres James60470 GIANTS Corey Ryan

  • Blackjack
    2017-04-29 02:34 Send message
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    it doesnt work show up i dput it into my mods folder and its not in game
  • Stolenmods
    2017-04-29 03:53 Send message
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    Admins, please remove this mod as it was stolen and Thomas does not have permission to upload this mod.
  • Tricka
    2017-04-29 06:38 Send message
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    What map is this? I've tried looking around for screenshots with links but with no luck. Thanks :)
  • Oliver
    2017-04-29 08:56 Send message
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    @BLACKJACK u have to unzip the [email protected] if i m not wrong i belive that thats The Alps map.
  • Blackwell
    2017-04-29 16:37 Send message
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    thats bullshit dude this isnt yours its people like you is why no one wants to make public mods
  • Thatonealliskid
    2017-04-29 17:09 Send message
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    it doesn't go into my downloads as a zip file. what do I do?
  • Zzzzzz
    2017-04-30 03:49 Send message
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    sweet truck, i still cant figure how to stack the trailer on the truck a wheel loader lifts it but the hitch/dolly keep turning on me before it reaches the notch in the cab guard. any ideas?
  • Bullshit
    2017-04-30 09:57 Send message
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    hes not shearing shit its stealing not using the original download link and stuff shearing is on facebook not some modsite this dip shit makes money off
  • Faelandaea
    2017-04-30 22:49 Send message
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    Well, on most games, I support original links. however, the farming sim community is flooded with ass-hats who want to only share on non-legit malware sites such as ul.to and uploaded.net which the mod author PURPOSEFULLY attempts to infect your computer with viruses. Even more sad ... the developers that make the malware reimburse the uploader for doing so, so those mod authors get PAID to infect your machines.To be continued due to 500 character limit ...
  • Faelandaea
    2017-04-30 22:51 Send message
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    Anyone who doesn't believe me, just try one of those sites. Any site that tells me I have to close ALL of my computer security, including ad blocker, antivirus and my anti-key-logger just so I can download a mod ... sorry that never was and never will be legit ... ever.So, I appreciate Thomas uploading this here, and I will happily download this from a site that doesn't try to infect my PC. The ONLY two places I will ever download farming sim mods from is the in-game mod hub and th
  • Faelandaea
    2017-04-30 22:52 Send message
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    It's interesting to note that this is the ONLY game that has this issue. All other moddable games I play, the mod authors use legit sites like sharemods. ~shrug~ Must be a redneck thing over here or something.ONE more post to come due to the lovely 500 character limit ... :)
  • Faelandaea
    2017-04-30 22:53 Send message
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    Even with the chain of creation with this mod is a good example. GT Mike ... makes GREAT trucks and uploads them to legit sites. And then along comes some genius who converts the truck from ATS/ETS2 over to FS17 ... which is cool ... right up until he uploads it to ul.to or uploaded.net. THAT's where I lose all respect for an upload ... period. Anyone who uploads to either of those two sites automatically loses all rights to have me give two cares where else it is uploaded to..
  • @faelandaea
    2017-05-01 20:21 Send message
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    FAELANDAEA makes a great point about all the crappy sites that mods get uploaded to by so called modders. The modder is trying to make a buck on their mod (against the Giant's EULA) and the end user is the one getting screwed just for wanting to try it. The really stupid part? The modder isn't making any money anyways. 100k downloads might buy him a cup of coffee. Real modders want people to use their creations, not try and screw the user.
  • U guys are dead to me
    2017-05-01 21:34 Send message
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    for all u amateurs who dont know what a .rar file is, all u do is open it and put the two .zip files in ur mods folder, simple as that. Also for the people who say thomas stole it, check the credits tab and check lol. U might be surprised.
  • Mb


    2017-05-02 02:05 Send message
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    As FAELANDAEA said, and I agree, there was no stealing of this mod. Also I agree that if any "modder" puts the mod on a malware site, then I lose all respect due to trying to scam a user and not just share their creative products.
  • David
    2017-05-02 23:53 Send message
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  • Koalat
    2017-05-03 03:17 Send message
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    @TRICKA this map is called "The Interior" by seriousmods
  • Blackjack
    2017-05-04 07:36 Send message
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    @oliver how do i unzip? i dounwload it , and its not like a normal zip dounload, it has the internet explorer icon. never seen that before.
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