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KYFFHAUSER Map v1.1.0.0
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KYFFHAUSER Map v1.1.0.0

Today I present my new card FS17 Kyffhäuser.
There is the card for the LS17 but it has changed a lot or has everything changed.
I just did not like it anymore on my old map, just through the square fields, although very helper friendly but not a nice sight for the eye. As I said everything has changed, from roads, dirt roads, productions to the fields just everything. But what's left is the big forest. The Kyffhäuser Map is divided into half agriculture and half forest area.
After a long time, the time has come and V is here. Unfortunately, I have the max. Size of MB exceeded and thus it is no longer possible to upload the map on Modhub. Sure, it has changed a bit.
Buyable properties for a total of more than € 15million
Butchery: as a product there are meat pallets
Pallet Warehouse: here you can store all the pallets that are on the card and wait for a good price to sell them
2x KünzelGrainMaster: stand in the pigsty for the production of cereal meal. Silo for storing wheat stands in front of the pigsty. Production has been adjusted
LiquidFertilizerMaster: stands on the farm, producing the liquid fertilizer from water and fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer storage is also available at the farm
At Tierhof a shelter + a filling station was placed. Silage silo for the cows was exchanged. Silo capacity for compound feed, porridge and pig feed has been increased
Grass was removed from the intersection at CompostMaster to place the hall from the Straw Recovery Add-On, but first the trees have to be removed first
BGA silos have been redesigned
GMK Mod was installed, lime is available at the garden center to buy and at the farm there is a lumber warehouse
Card was prepared for Season Mod
Card was prepared for the tube system (function in the cows, pigs and at the BGA)
Card was prepared for the Farming tablet
Card has been prepared for the mCompanyGraphic Mod (Graphicmod for purchasable objects and productions)
Here and there were also some blemishes eliminated. Productions have been adjusted. Railway tracks were lowered. The night was brightened. Field mission progress is now displayed. Dispaly am Hof ​​was expanded for lime and liquid fertilizer.
Recommended mods:
Hose system from Wopster
mCompanyGraphic by kevink98
Height-adjustable low loader
Kotte Universal Pack
Cattle trailer from Kastor

Main Courtyard: A warehouse for wheat, barley, corn, sunflowers, soybeans, rapeseed and for the extra
Fruits hops, rye, oats
A warehouse for potatoes and sugar beets
A silo for seeds
A silo for fertilizer
Fillable gas station
Production for seeds and fertilizer

Tierhof: Bale warehouse
A silo for compound feed
A silo for pig feed
A silo for cereal bread
Production for compound feed, pig feed and cereal meal

Rest of the map:
Points of sale: Animal trade
flour mill
cogeneration plant
garden center
grain train
Gas station

Productions: Diesel refinery
A big THANK YOU to the people whose objects I am allowed to use.

Blacksheep, RC-Devil

  • Daniel
    2017-12-17 18:03
    kartoffelen its not working on the home i empty 2 trailers its te on 0 its the silo next te zucker rubben. the map is nice ant the Railway overgang its to hihg voor the voettuigen and trailers
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