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Lamborghini Mach VRT Tuning v1.4
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Lamborghini Mach VRT Tuning v1.4

With the idea of ??the Mach VRT came time to help a little on the jumps.

Version 1.4
Forest selectable
Frame color selectable

So I am, driven on the dynamometer 3 weeks, with him and wrote new software for the Mach 250VRT. This was already done after a few test runs but I wanted to not be satisfied. Stage1 291PS 63km / h
2 days ago I sat down again and ran built a larger loader, camshafts, larger intercooler, 2.5 "exhaust system, and then agreed to the test this again from. Stage2 356PS 66km / h
My power hungry but was still not satisfied and so I had to choose between the Mach 250 VRT still further with a free motor control, again a larger loader, 3 "exhaust system, etc. inflate or to follow the path to another new engine + gearbox . Now that I have just received a verunfallten T9.565 purely then opted for this.
1 week ago began the renovation and I can tell you that was not without. It had many parts themselves not be rebuilt as fit off the rack. Getting the murder T9.565 under the have the Mach was a real Herrausvorderung but I did it and was proud when the engine ran for the first time. Motor swap T9.565 575PS 85km / h
To distinguish between the different variations in the game, I have to insert the changeable color wheels.


  • Idiotseverywhere
    2016-12-29 04:30
    Anytime a mod has "help a little on the jumps" any normal person realizes that the mod is from a complete tard who thinks this is Forza or some other car game. news flash dipstick.. tractors are not made to "jump" and no where in the description of this game is there any thing about tractors racing or jumping. It is almost as bad as all the French idiots making all the firetruck mods for a FARMING SIMULATOR game.. It amazes me how many plum dumb idiots there are in this world.
  • Agree
    2016-12-29 15:49
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