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Land between the mountains v1.3
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Land between the mountains v1.3

Land between the mountains

Version 1.3
New BGA with two fermenters per 120000L.
Production stations.
Spline for train 3 Adapted.
The reverse error corrected.
Hof has got new halls.
EON BGA cleared as well as the warehouse for the EON BGA
Industrial warehouse.
Some signs added.
Added flour soy flour and soy oil.
Waterworks installed.Due of manure or fermentations.Output water
Cranes exchanged since there was prob.

So dear friends, users and gamers
The V1 there with us on the homepage
it is as far as our Map it geschaft to come to download (Attention BETA).
It will be further expanded since it is still a little space available on the Map.
It is a 4Fachmap that. Map based on the Grossflußbach from LS15
What remains are the roads, fields and the terrain.
Bask everything is new from the yard to the BGA.
This map is Multifrucht has two trains that can go to the map again.
To start you have 4 fields near 3 in court and one in the BGA.
The cows, pigs, sheep and chickens are all received by the Court in the west of the map.
Installed were: fodder for cows and pigs, Seedmaster, mineral fertilizers, composting plant, sawmill, UHT milk, bakery,
Sugar mill, flour mill, diesel factory and a lime plant.
Chicken feed factory herstelung of Hühnerfutter.Abgabe: corn, sunflower and millet.
Chicken farm hir you get eggs on Paletten.Abgabe: water, empty pallet and chicken feed.
AdlerPaleten herstelung of Leerpaletten.Abgabe wooden pallets.
CCM system installed. (Note no cc mod in Modsordner)
Train in the industrial area installed (Warning is not running in a circle)
Fixed some beautiful and beauty fault
Available in industrial as to built.
Some trigger angepast.

Have fun with the map.
Kleiner always Hinweiß only one map have in the folder.
For Mods auser the map the error do we nehmmen no liability.
It continues to be built on the Map only time I miss the Idden.
Who still Idden the map has can gladly write in the forum.
And for the moaners among you when the map do not gefählt not charging down There is no need to map to play!

Support only on our forum or TS www.ags-team.de:9988
You can find us on Facebook , Twitter.


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