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Ford Tree Truck v1.0
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Ford Tree Truck v1.0

Ford f550 chiper truck havs stages lights blinker traffic bar.
Price: 35000
Dailyupkeep: 1
Brand: GMC
Category: Trucks
Frod tree Truck credits to all those mods i used and the org onwer og the chipper truck hope yall enjoy the new version.

landons version thank you to all modders parts I used

  • Not yours
    2018-05-24 04:21
    Def not a very good job at butchering the tree truck already made. Shud probly know wat ur doing before ripping apart perfectly good mods and hacking them into whatever this shit is
  • Akthesavag
    2018-05-24 08:58
    Don't waste your time downloading it. The hitch doesn't work.The horn doesn't work. It just doesn't work....
  • Landon sucks
    2018-05-25 21:04
    His work's as good as his spelling....
  • Koalat
    2018-05-26 03:28
    Holy garbage copy/paste lol
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