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Large Anhydrous Ammonia Toolbar V3
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Large Anhydrous Ammonia Toolbar V3

*DISCLAIMER*    The FPS will drop with this pack do to the individual plow marks.   Nothing can be done to alleviate this problem.  If this lags out too much, plz unzip and follow the readme file.

Here it is folks!  The long awaited larger Anhydrous Ammonia Toolbar, the T60 from Brhnke Enterprises, Inc.  Can use the tanks from the other released packs.   The toolbar will spray and cultivate the ground and gives the appearance or individual plow marks.  (if not changed to cultivate the whole area).   Roughly 60' wide.  Hope you have fun with this, as much fun
as I did making it.  Please post pics, so that I can see how you're using this awesome mod.

Braindead4554 model, textures, scripting, custom decals
Hultstrand Modding hoses for the outer wings, converting help to 17, testing
Sean Starkey The outstanding pics

Braindead4554, Hultstrand Modding

  • Nu007
    2017-08-03 09:33
    Where the Anhydrous Tanks ?
  • Name
    2017-08-03 12:13
    hello.can you create seeder aerosem 10500
  • Holse
    2017-08-03 14:01
    Please a link for the tankltrailer
  • Brock lesnar
    2017-08-04 01:27
    you trolls need to join AEM if you want the tanks!this idiot just uploaded this toolbar so trolls like you can get it w/o knowing where it came from!
  • Desert farmer
    2017-08-04 19:46
  • Maddog
    2017-09-28 21:49
    AEM is better than this site at least its ad free and virus free.
  • Name
    2018-10-19 08:14
    where the Anhydrous Ammonia Tanks for FS17
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