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Lechlade Manor Farm v1.0
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Lechlade Manor Farm v1.0

Welcome to Lechlade Manor Farm, A Small map with 22 fields 9 grass the rest arable.

-- Map Features --
- A small cow shed located behind the farm by the mountains
- Large machinery and grain sheds (Animated)
- Animal market to purchase livestock
- Egg selling point
- Lots of local Cotwsold companies (Cotwsold Farm Machinery, Cotwsold Bakery, Smiths Grain Co and more!)    
- Bale sell point
- 2 Grain selling points
- 1 Manure selling point

This map is set in Lechlade, Gloucesteshire and although is mostly ficticious, some aspects of real life are included


  • Anonymous
    2017-06-05 12:43
    this map is full of LUA errors even can not shut the map down properly take 10 presses of the exit button to close
  • Flusty94
    2017-06-05 13:10
    That's bullshit, it's got 1 LUA error, which is an animated object index but I cant find it as they all work correctly. And it works perfect for everyone else who has tried it, and everyone is aware of the LUA error on FSC pages
  • Anonymous
    2017-06-05 16:52
    well I have just uploaded the photos to prove that there is the errors that I have said hopefully they will be in the photos
  • Maptester
    2017-06-05 17:47
    hi yes I am also getting the same errors LUAs and its not only 1 also getting a shadowdisableshader.xml error. I would maybe look at the blank map that you used may have been full of errors before starting .
  • Jac


    2017-06-05 19:42
    Got errors lad , takes long time too load then it also dont shut right when i leave game its an easy fix so i will look it over , seams the same issues as springwells had and i sorted them and it wasn't tyres as many said , have a good day
  • Davie
    2017-06-05 23:16
    been trying to cure some clear issues with the map but one has got me beat, your map only in my mods folder and game wont close on your map why?
  • Maptester
    2017-06-06 00:02
    its got me stumped to I'm just wondering if the modmap.lua has anything to do with it unless its a problem with the blank map its self maybe but FLUSTY94 only said it as one error hmmmmm yeah think he or she should go back and test properly
  • The lag
    2017-06-06 04:19
    ERMAGHERD! LUA ERRORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Maptester
    2017-06-06 15:17
    well I just hope its better then the last two maps you have made flusty94 because they both was released with loads of error think more testing is the key don't release till no errors good luck
  • Benjamin
    2017-06-06 21:02
    Suberb map lad, downloaded , tweeked, sorted shader, running flawlessly, even the exit is smooth
  • Flusty94
    2017-06-07 01:41
    ben can you email me the link please, i will re-upload with you in the [email protected] mate
  • Benjamin
    2017-07-18 12:40
    Sorry flusty i didn't respond sooner but i don't share a map where the uploader was ment too post perfect too start with, its an easy fix as i asked my 5yr old son too fix the problem and he did on a fresh download.
  • Bernie
    2017-07-22 15:05
    WTF is this, FFS lad cant you do anything right, i've download all your maps and each and everyone of them has BIG errors, problems
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