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Lemken - Carriersystem Gigant series v1.2
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Lemken - Carriersystem Gigant series v1.2

The Gigant 800 can combinate 2 of my Lemken Kompaktor S400 to 8m working width

special Features:
simple using at work through synchron up-down of the 2 attached tools
synchron adjustment of the 2 attacher points (heigh and gradient) for efficient using of other tools
helper can handle the Gigant

Important note:
The mod may not be modified and new uploaded!

Avaiable models
Gigant 800
Work width:    8m - by two 4m working segments on rigid frame.
attachement: lower Trailer
attachment for tools: 2x 3 point
Power        :   50 PS + tools (Kompaktor S400 je 120PS = 310PS)

V1.2 - Gigant 800 for LS 17
I attempt to release a detailed operating manual as fast as I can. I think the Mod had some special things that not simple clear.
Please don't forget to release/lock [v] the attached tools itself before and after work. They can't work correctly or will wobble at transport.


known bugs/limitations:
actual no Ambient Occlusion Textur
Hydraulipipes not animated, simple static switch between Transport-Work, attach-detach
Attachement arm is not full animated (yes for adjustment and upper-lower, not for tolerance region of the tools)
My helper had no problems, but in FS17 he lift not only the Gigant. He lift both (v) the Gigant and the attached tools
after releasing of the tools they rotate down. This must corrected.

Modell: ImpTS
Textur: ImpTS
Script: ImpTS
Tester: ImpTS

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