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Lemken Soiltair 12 Mod v1.1
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Lemken Soiltair 12 Mod v1.1

Hello everyone, here is the default Faming Simulator 17 Lemken Solitair 12 seeder with some upgrades, fertilizer added and now is multifuit.

Version 1.1
- You can now use with New Holland T9 and Challenger MT900E tractors
- There are now 2 options of the Seeder:
1) lemken12Seeder_Mod.zip as per description or
2) lemken12Seeder_Direct_Mod.zip Planting Direct version if you wish to use, this allows you to plant fields that have not been plowed or cultivated. NOTE: the IA will not recognize headlands it will always go to the edge of the field..

4000L Fertilizer
4000L Seed
Wheat, Barley, Canola, Soybeam, Corn, Sunflower, Potato, SugarBeet, Grass and Oilseed Radish
Log is error free.

Model: GIANTS Software GmbH
Texture: GIANTS Software GmbH
Script: GIANTS Software GmbH
Idea / Concept: GIANTS Software GmbH
Testing: GIANTS Software GmbH
Other: GIANTS Software GmbH

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