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Liebherr PR 776 v1
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Liebherr PR 776 v1

Liebherr PR 776 bulldozer converted to Farming Simulator 2017.  Error free. Works as a leveler and can push logs and brush.
Credit to polygonish, Titi, Edwin, GR40, Giants.

Credit to polygonish, Titi, Edwin, GR40, Giants

  • Dj6310
    2017-03-07 18:41
    salut bravo jolie mods edwin salut je c' est pas si tu es le edwin que j'ai connu avec arsenic un petit bonjour au passage
  • Stolen mod!!!!
    2017-03-07 19:27
  • Wtf


    2017-03-07 19:40
    @STOLEN MOD Where is the Legit mod uploaded? Post here the link and tell us the creator .
  • Dave
    2017-03-08 02:31
    i like these posts as its the people who has a big song and dance about the mod that will still continue and hit that download button
  • Dreammaker
    2017-03-08 07:27
    well at least this one works
  • Dreammaker
    2017-03-08 07:29
    only one thing increase the power when pushing the dozer stops to easy
  • Shadowr434
    2017-03-09 03:38
    Well, congrats on the stolen mod. Better enjoy it because Brian Taylor shut down his page and stopped sharing mods thanks to you.
  • Crybabies inc
    2017-03-09 04:56
    Crybabies, omg who in the hell cares about stolen mods and to the original builder, welcome to crybabies INC.
  • Sotosmods
    2017-03-09 18:34
    I know how it is and I don't want to steal any mods.For those who say crybabies:Fricking understand that they put a lot of fricking work (probably more that 100 hours) on these mods for us to download them and someone is like now this mod is mine with my credits.Understand
  • Ry_trapp0
    2017-09-19 08:06
    Everyone knows going into this that you're giving up these files that you've worked on when you put it up for download pay wall or not. Everyone *KNOWS* that once the first download occurs this mod is now out of your control. Knowing this, only a CHILD would throw tantrum after tantrum, month after month. If you're making mods for "respect" or money you're going to be disappointed. No one cares about your ego and the market doesn't value mods as much as YOU do. This is a hobby, not a job.
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