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LillyVale Farm v1.0.1
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LillyVale Farm v1.0.1

The animal husbandry is now working.

Welcome to LillyVale Farm, A small sized map with 11 fields, you have one main yard, lots of equipment, a cow pasture and a barn to sell your bales.
- This map is a ficticous map based in the heart of the Cotswolds in the Gloucestershire countryside.
- Large fields
- 1 Sell Point
- Seed/Fert refills available at sell point
- Livestock Market.
- 2 Lakes that can be used to refill water
- Challenging terrain
- Animated Gates
- 1000 year old famous Gloucestershire Oak Trees! (The'yre Massive!)

I hope everyone will enjoy this map, if there is any problems let me know.
Credits to: Myself (FLusty94) for building the map and Nathan_6930 for some scripting and xml editing.

FLusty94, Nathan_6930

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