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Lizard Log Truck Nokian Tires V2 Final Verson
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Lizard Log Truck Nokian Tires V2 Final Verson


Large Tuff Nokian Tires
Back Rack
Dual Axel Rear
All Wheel Drive
Flashing Strobe Hazards

Best American Style Truck Mod
This this drive and looks great.

Giants & Valley Farms

  • Pravus
    2017-01-05 23:27 Send message
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    fantastic, THANK YOU!
  • Pravus
    2017-01-06 00:37 Send message
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    Only thing i see thats wrong is the Beacon speed and the mud guard fender clipping into the 2nd axle tire...
  • Lexiontech
    2017-01-06 04:33 Send message
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    Love V1. What is different in V2?
  • Mrwizzard
    2017-01-06 18:31 Send message
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    With the Nokian tires installed this truck is very unstable and rolls when turning at higher speeds.
  • Kyfarmer
    2017-01-08 23:10 Send message
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    well anybody in their right minds wouldnt want to make turns at highspeeds especially if pulling heavy loads
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