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Lizard Syncer Crossover 2017 v1.0
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Lizard Syncer Crossover 2017 v1.0

Hey guys,
it comes this time what civil for the LS17 to download. Namely a Lizard Syncer Crossover 2017 by Volvo V40 Fahrer.
I myself did not do much on the vehicle: light and a few other things. The Lizard itself also has a trailer hitch and color selection.
Of course, the mod itself comes from Volvo V40 Fahrer!
If you still do not like the mod, so do not download it and do not complain in the comments!
Kind regards

Modell: Volvo V40 Fahrer
Textur: Volvo V40 Fahrer
Script: Volvo V40 Fahrer
Idee / Konzept: Volvo V40 Fahrer
Sonstige: Volvo V40 Fahrer, RedFire

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