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Lizard Tristar (Freightliner logo) SX310 v1.1.0.0
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Lizard Tristar (Freightliner logo) SX310 v1.1.0.0

As you can see this is the original truck with 2 axle that Giants disponibilized on it's website.
Since is a little look alike, I put a Freightliner logo on the truck's front, and one on each mudflat.
Also I added 6 types of engines:

Cummins X10 V6 (400hp)
Cummins X11 V6 (440hp)
Cummins X12 V6 (480hp)
Cummins X13 V8 (520hp)
Cummins X14 V8 (560hp)
Cummins X15 V8 (600hp)

Enjoy it!

Credits: Giants, Christian Ohlweiler.

Giants, Christian Ohlweiler

  • Feuvictor
    2016-12-02 12:22 Send message
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    combien en charge maximale parce que 600 ch sa cause un peu ??????*
  • Chris
    2019-06-16 00:45
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    The Twin Star is a Western Star 4900SA. Not a freightliner.
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