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LoadTrail Landscape Trailer
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LoadTrail Landscape Trailer

I converted this to FS 17. After you buy it, you must flip it over to use it. Not sure why it buys flipped over.

Richwoodrocket, Kramarj

  • Bosshog39
    2017-05-12 21:08
    You just need to reset y translation in ge the model is set at 0 y translate and is below ground level move model up in ge till bottom of body is just above the grid line and go to edit freeze transformations click it and check all boxs and then apply this will reset Y trans to 0 for the readjustment you done do this for only index 0> them readjust the rest back to where it needs to be
  • Bosshog39
    2017-05-12 21:09
    I watched model when purchasing fly out of ground and flip I reset trans as stated above now it purchases correctly
  • Bosshog39
    2017-05-12 21:12
    you make have to do this a couple of times and then go check what height trailer sets at it took me twice to get it sit right on ground and not be floating above ground
  • Rchwdrckt
    2017-05-12 23:13
    Okay, thanks, ill take a look
  • Nitefire
    2017-05-13 17:48
    Nice mod...suggestion....there are lots of modders out there who would be happy to help you with a problem like this mod has. Why not ask for help and get it fixed right before you upload it. Just a suggestion. Thanks..I appreciate all modders!
  • Farmboy69
    2017-05-13 20:54
    iv been waiting for this trailer sinc last month
  • Thijs1239
    2017-05-14 09:13
    @RCHWDRCKT do you have facebook? if so, is it a idea that we work together? and that we can ask for help if you need some help?this is my facebook link:https://www.facebook.com/thijs.diepenI hope that you like this idea
  • Jimmyblues
    2017-05-20 10:46
    This is actually a PJ trailer with a Loadtrail decal on it, I should know I own 5 of them and I used to build them irl. but they're a little similar at first glance. Good job though looks awesome and pulls great.
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