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Loess Hill Country v4.1.1
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Loess Hill Country v4.1.1

Welcome to the Mittelächsisches Loesshügelland north of the city of Meißen!

Version 4.1.1:
- Errors in the dirt triggers of cows, sheep and pigs.
- Feed mixing plant for the pigs now produces pig feed.
- A part of the 2D forests has been replaced by precipitable trees.
- Production lines revised: speed and quantity of raw materials adapted.
- Seed consumption adapted.
- fertilizer and seed storage inserted at the farm.
- flying cars removed.
- Particle system for rye and oat straw.
- Display boards worked on productions.
- The map is designed for Farmer Andy's Farming Tablet.
- Trees disappear after saving (new in V4.1.1)
- Small changes to the decoration of the map.

In the last 10,000 years, a landscape characteristic of loess areas has developed through a variety of ablation processes. The hilly relief as well as the deep waters of the landscape characterize the region and places special demands on the agricultural processing. However, the quality of the soils also allows for above-average yields.

Features of the map:
4 times the size
970 acres of field
122 acres of meadow
Additional fruits: rye, oats
3 Towns
14 Unloading / sales points
Cattle mast, dairy farm, sheep farm
Biogas plant with 2 keil silos
Economic cycles (including wood products)
Real income and growth times

Optional mods:
Chopped Straw

Support is available here:
ASL Forum

Tobi, Patrick

  • Joop
    2017-05-03 10:35
    Dont see this map in game
  • Ribeiro
    2017-05-03 21:08
    go to the mods folder end delete v4.1.1
  • Red queen
    2017-05-05 10:44
    Hi. How to install this map without risking loosing existing savegame on Loess Hill 4.0? Just to update and continue playing?Anyone knows where to sell eggs on this map?Thanks!
  • Fast2012
    2017-08-08 15:51
    can you add season mod and mud mod please excellent map great to play on
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