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Log Bed For MY Peterbilt Custom v2
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Log Bed For MY Peterbilt Custom v2

I'm Sorry About V1 Messes up IT Was Work Fine Before I sent it I found the Issue And Got It Fix Here You Go try This One.


  • Thawk09
    2017-01-28 16:05
    Well I Let The Cat Out Of The Bag On What My Next Project Is Two Pic's Got Mixed Up And Posted Crap Oh Well My Mess Up Gives You A Sneak Peek LOL
  • Thawk09
    2017-01-28 16:48
    ANd It May Or May Not Work Now I cant Figure this Dang Thing Before I looked at It after I was Told what it was doing I checked it in both Game maps Changed Supports And Got It working in Sosnovka Map Now Im In Gold Crest Valley Working On Another Mod And See Log Bed In Ground Again So I go Back To Other Map And Its Still Fine Just Let Me Know What It Does
  • Thawk09
    2017-01-28 19:47
    WOW 7 PIcs Uploaded AND It Had To Pick The Wrong One to post as main pic WOW
  • K'man
    2017-01-28 19:56
    You mentioned that the log trailer is autoload. However, it does not work and doesn't come up as an option in game. Also your daycab truck still doesn't have a horn. Since you'll have to come out with another version of the daycab at some point may you please add both high and low trailer hitch to the back of your daycab truck? Is the separate trailer its own download or do I have to download the sleepercab version to get the trailer?
  • Iowamagicman
    2017-01-29 01:14
    Any thoughts on putting a goosneck on your trailer?
  • Zzzzz
    2017-01-29 03:13
    1st off let me say man i just love the truck freaking amazing, 2nd is this log bed auto load? as i kind of rely on auto load for logs LOL, may i suggest a tipper/dump bed for all crops/chaff/silage woodchips/ hay/straw/grass etc.
  • Thawk09
    2017-01-29 03:14
    No Its Not Auto Load Yet I said it for the auto load version peterbiltAnd I Had Not Thought About A gooseneck version Good Idea
  • Thawk09
    2017-01-29 04:39
    And Yeah Dump BEd Or Tipper BEd Of Some Sort Is Already in the making to Thanks ZZZZZ
  • Seanpierce
    2017-01-29 05:18
    should make a dump bed to haul short logs and more that will match that truck and have the tailgate swing open when unloading
  • Thawk09
    2017-02-01 22:39
    Thanks Copenhagen
  • Loser haha
    2017-02-02 02:50
    http://www.modland.net/farming-simulator-2015/trucks/peterbilt-water-truck-beta.htmlYou're BUSTED! Your using Winstons mod, he always leaves hidden objects and this definitely has his hidden object still in the mod! LOL
  • Thawk09
    2017-02-02 07:17
    Who You HAHA Jackass I Never Denied Using Another Mod For My Project And if You Would Look At Credits for the damn truck dipshit you would see I gave credits for that so kiss my ass
  • Thawk09
    2017-02-05 20:11
    LOSER HAHA There is not but two things on that truck that was left alone the cab and wheels everything else has been replaced with other items I'm not explaining myself to you your not worth it and I gave credits to Winston In credits so I have done my part so piss off
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