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Lohnheim LS17 v1.0
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Lohnheim LS17 v1.0

Welcome to the Lohnheim Map 17
Here you have a big yard where all the animals are. You have enough space to put your vehicles under and many purchasable fields.

Is installed:
- beet pulp
- compostmaster
- Hose system
- Traffic lights
- milk sales
- compound feed machine
- pig feeder

The map was tested, everything is running.
MFG yours
TuneWar LP

Idee / Konzept: TuneWar
Tester: TuneWar

  • Toro
    2018-07-17 20:05
    viel zu klein die Map. 4 fach wäre besser.
  • Bos


    2018-07-17 21:18
    TORO ben non pour du solo est jusque que qui veux et apres fait ta carte toi meme !!!
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