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Los grades terrenos multifruit 2017 v1.0
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Los grades terrenos multifruit 2017 v1.0

Here I present the edition of the multifruit map Los Grandes Terrenos. In this first version 5 types of crops have been added (there will be more in short dresses).
In the main silo of the farm can store everything, with a large storage capacity.
Map completely free of call errors.
Protected file AUTHORIZED unique original download link

Aquí os presento la edición del mapa multifruit Los Grandes Terrenos. En esta primera versión se han añadido 5 tipos de cultivos (que habrá más en vesiones cortos).
En el silo principal de la granja puede almacenar todo, con una gran capacidad de almacenamiento.
Mapa completamente libre de errores de llamadas.
Archivo protegido AUTORIZADO único vínculo de descarga original


  • Rayamo
    2017-05-17 09:33
    The download was okay, I can find the map in the game but - it doesn't start. After more than 1 hour I quit the attempt to start the map. "map is loading" was the only thing I could see from the map.
  • Murtlock
    2017-05-17 09:43
    I found the same problem as Rayamo please assist
  • Thesnake
    2017-05-20 21:14
    @RAYAMO____MURTLOCK hello you to change the modDesc 30 to 37 after works fine
  • Mare
    2017-05-26 18:48
    I can not unload re oat and other crops in silos on the farm why
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