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Lossberg V1.1.0.0
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Lossberg V1.1.0.0

- Grafic Error (Render Device Error) fixed
- Mission spawnpoints fixed
- Animated light overhaul
- Chopped Straw textures overhaul
- Fixed incorrect fielddefinitions
- Fixed incorrect tip collisions
- Traffic overhaul
- Additional terrain angles
- New crops: rye and oat
- Improved overall performance
- New translations: spanish, french, dutch, polish

Lossberg is characterized by the high level of uniqueness, quality and the amount of details. A lot of things shown in the map are new to the game. There are new buildings, objects and textures made by supporters or by myself. I would like to take the opportunity to thank my supporters!

The map supports all the default features of FS17. Further more you can find the following additional functions and features:
- More than 15 completely new buildings and objects
- Spline based and individual street network
- A lot of new textures for buildings, objects and foliage (also crops)
- Doors to open
- Light switches in every gameplay related building
- Fertilizer and seeds storage
- 3 farms to choose of
- Custom Lighting (no light mod necessary)
- Chopped Straw support (webalizer)
- Hose system support (Wopster)

Please feel free to post you feedback into the thread in the Farming Simulator forum:

You can find an extended description here:

Niggels - VertexDezign

  • Roby1164
    2016-12-22 17:32
    Fixed incorrect tip collisions ?? This means that we need a new game, otherwise you do not update the changes .....
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