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Lost Islands Farming Simulator 17 v1.0
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Lost Islands Farming Simulator 17 v1.0

The time has come. The magical fog hiding the islands has finally lifted. It is time for you and your's
to come forth and make your ancestor's proud that you have been able to carry on and become solid citizens of the world.
The story of what was and what is, even though it is but a figment of my imagination is now recorded in the map of pda,
so now carry on and enjoy.
The map has 14 sale points scattered about the islands.
egg sales at diner at rear of building, bakery at back door,
Liz and Will's near front porch,and at Casey's general store.
21 fields ranging small to large. you own 3.
plenty of grassland for grass and hay.
2 forest and a small sawmill
Mission's are in place.


  • Razz6549
    2017-04-30 21:57
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    You cant unload your bales /straw to your cow or pigs. I drove all around the area to find the spot, but the bales won't be to straw.
  • Guest
    2017-05-01 07:34
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    need to use a bale shredder to shred the bales and blow the straw into the cow barn and pig pen, is a lot easier to use the bergman pick up trailer and pick up the straw behind the combine in the wheat field, it will empty into the barn at feeding troughs, also same for the pigpen, trigger is marked on side close to chickens.
  • Ciderwar
    2017-05-01 18:52
    0 0
    Not working for me downloaded it put zip into mods,not showing up in game must be bugged or something
  • Mark
    2017-05-03 13:23
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    why can't I unload grass or chaff into the silage clamps? Am I missing something ?
  • Guest
    2017-05-03 16:58
    0 0
    xbox controller=both bumpers+ Y button
  • Mark
    2017-05-04 01:43
    0 0
    Sorry, using PC version, the command for unloading does not appear when I take either grass or chaff into the silage clamps. \
  • Guest
    2017-05-04 08:38
    0 0
    @Mark, sorry, made an assumption i shouldn't have, a lot of people use the xbox controller on their pc, thats what i use.
  • Mark
    2017-05-06 00:49
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    So, back to my orginial question. Does anyone know why I can't dump chaff or grass into the silage clamps? The command (I) to dump does not appear when I drive a trailer in to the silage clamps. Is there another way to fill the clamps?
  • Guest
    2017-05-06 05:51
    0 0
    the bunkers or clamps have no auto dump, is manual dump, best is line up vehicle where you want to dump, set cruise control 4 to 6 mph, when vehicle gets to point where you want to start dumping press left Ctrl + I
  • Rotary
    2017-05-06 19:35
    0 0
    Can someone please tell me why this map isn't working on my pc. I have even downloaded it ingame but it still dont want to load in my game?
  • Speedking2
    2017-10-05 10:39
    0 0
    Hello allI have downloaded this map and it is so good. But I would like to ask has any of you been able to drop stuff at Gibbs Place with train icon? I tried with no avail. I am wondering what the train Icon means since there are no trains in game. Please advise. Am I missing something?
  • Fordr
    2018-02-19 09:13
    0 0
    ..this map has worked Since its release..i often return to Lost Islands, for it is one of my top 10 all time fav maps. *suggestive only* Sell everything right away, don't muck with pigs (sure way to go broke) Sheep's Wool sells for a whopping $4,000+ per Ton. cows make enough manure for fields.
  • Nemesistruck
    2018-03-10 06:30
    0 0
    why is the map not loading ingame but i can see it in mods selection?
  • Vinayako

    Vinayako (GUEST)

    2019-01-27 02:09
    0 0
    Please convert this map to FS19 :) I realy loved this map
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