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Low Loader v1.0
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Low Loader v1.0

​This is My Low Loader Trailer. Now Color Select. Has been put in Blender and re uvmapped and each frame joined. also includes the Helper Truck and Dolly.


  • Rqskenzer
    2017-05-17 00:25
    Really nice job. Simple trailer that will handle anything in the game, thanks!!
  • Guest
    2017-05-17 01:24
    Why don't you give credit to Winston, that's who the mod was original designed by.
  • Faelandaea
    2017-05-17 01:41
    As usual the above "guest" did not read the credits tab. And he posts on literally every uploaded mod saying the exact same thing. ~shrug~ I know he knows the credits tab is there, so has to be a troll. To everyone else ... proper credits were given. Just ignore the kid above.
  • Think positive
    2017-05-17 01:42
    I tend to assume any credit goes to the modder tbh , because lets be honest , any Monkey can upload a file and there is no point crediting a Monkey with something that is childsplay.
  • Pappao
    2017-05-17 06:22
    Awesome job on this trailer as it even works great on my apple computer. Thanks
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