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Low loader attachment v1.2
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Low loader attachment v1.2


Version 1.2
Three side boundaries have been added. These have a length of 220 cm, 450 cm and 750 cm.
Minor bugs fixed.

Here I have a package of different components which serve to befstigen vehicles on flatbed trucks with belt function.
Since you can only befetigen bales, crates and pallets with straps, I have built various components which have the characteristics of Paketten.
It is grating, plates and posts.
For the vehicles I have different coupling built, with which you can fix the vehicles on the parts mentioned above.
The befstigen works like this: on the trailer or low loader the grid, panels and posts are bestigt to requirement. At these parts then you shall attach of Vehicle with the corresponding clutch, which also has straps.
The compound holds bombproof.

There are all Fahreuge couplings in Palet:
-Schneidwerkskupplungen For combine harvesters and shredders.
-Dreipunktkupplungen For tractors,
-Verbinder Normal couplings to attach to tractors, combine harvesters, wheel loaders, choppers, trailers,
-Coupling Steer, this also adjust: Telelader. Skeedsteer, front loader,

The parts themselves have no clutch, must be with the corresponding wheel loader or the respective vehicle, with belts, transported. The parts always have a weight of one tonne. The parts can not be reset and can not be sold. They behave just like palettes.
This is a beta version. Suggestions are warmly welcome.
Have fun

Modell: Gnescher
Textur: Gnescher
Idee / Konzept: Gnescher

  • Arie
    2017-01-14 19:30
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    I am having a problem with the parts not the clutch. When I buy them it says that I bought them but I can't see them when I get to the shop.
  • Hsayar
    2017-01-17 12:10
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    I did not understand. Are you broadcasting video?
  • Krahazik
    2018-05-22 02:49
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    I am assuming the clutch is the flat plate looking piece? How do you attach it and the post to a flatbed to use the system?
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