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LS17 Building Materials v1.0
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LS17 Building Materials v1.0

LS17 Building Materials

Version: 1.0

By: Pummelboer

Other credits go to:

Additional MapTypes  by Blacksheep and RC-Devil

FT Modding: Textures for building materials copied from LS15 “Fruit-Tp


This mod adds the following materials to all your maps, including the standard maps:

Sand, Gravel, Dirt, Rock, Cracked, Cement, Concrete, Asphalt

All materials can be handled as “Bulk” materials  with frontloaders, wheelloaders, tippers, levellers etc.

WARNING: (known issue)

This MOD can NOT be used at the same time with maps which already have one of the materials from this mod integrated in the map.

Loading this mod together with such a map wil cause the game to shut down instandly.

If you are want to play a map which already has one of the materials installed (e.g. mining map), make sure you UNSELECT the “LS17 Building Materials” before starting the game at the mod selection menu.

If you want to use the mod in your standard maps or any other map which does not have one of the materials installed, do not forget to UNSELECT all maps in the start-up menu which do have the materials installed.



Sand               Sand               Sable                  Zand                


Dirt                 Erde               Terre                  Aarde              


Gravel            Kies                Gravier              Grind               


Crushed        Schotter        Concasse          Puin                 


Asphalt          Asphalt          Asphalte           Asfalt               


Cement         Zement         Ciment              Cement           


Rock               Gestein         Roche                Rots                 


Concrete       Beton             Béton                Beton              


  • Tfd


    2017-02-22 00:06
    where and how can i get all this materials? i add mod but i cant dig, nothing happens
  • Dj6310
    2017-02-22 13:20
    ├ža marche mais il faut le mod AAA_UniversalProcessKit
  • Ich


    2017-02-22 16:35
    no funktion map close Giants break
  • Pummelboer
    2017-02-22 20:13
    No shit Sherlock! I think you should read the Read Me file ICH.To buy the material you need to download the placable silo
  • Aqua
    2017-02-22 23:37
    The placeable silo doesnt place down for me. Like it doesnt give me the option to place it...
  • Jordy
    2017-02-23 20:55
    No SHITY SHITING PUMMELBOER ... you never wrote this in the read me file neither in the description :P
  • Dennis
    2017-02-23 22:27
    you need 4 zip files for this to work i tried it and works fine you need AAA universal process kit,ls17 building materials,AAA fs17 add dirt,fs17 upk dirt add trigger and building materialssilo all are available on this site also i used AAA universal process kit v17.0.9
  • Dennis
    2017-02-23 22:32
    i meant you need 5 zip files sorry
  • Dav


    2017-02-23 23:56
    moi sa dit que le silo est vide
  • Lennycann11
    2017-02-24 01:32
    Upload it to console mod hub please
  • Woozyshoe
    2017-02-25 04:17
    And the mod is already installed and active in game. just not sure how its used.
  • George
    2017-02-25 11:31
    were is it on the shop
  • Micmic
    2017-02-25 11:56
    sa marche po sa me dit giants a cesser de fonctionner ces dommage
  • Ersoy
    2017-02-25 13:41
    Dennis pls 5 fille link
  • Ersoy
    2017-02-25 13:46
    Register filltype: sand dirt gravel cracked cement asphalt rock concreteError: TipUtil.registerDensityMapHeightType given fillType is already registered.
  • Lambocomm
    2017-03-01 01:05
    https://wordpress.com/post/farmingsimulator17mod.wordpress.com/3441Download them all in one location, pain in the butt but I got everything you need on my blog for this mod
  • Lambocomm
    2017-03-01 01:07
    https://farmingsimulator17mod.wordpress.com/2017/02/28/ls17-building-materials-v1-0/Download them all in one location, pain in the butt but I got everything you need on my blog for this mod
  • Lambocomm
    2017-03-01 02:24
    After testing... this mod is very much so broke...
  • Lambocomm
    2017-03-01 04:06
  • Zach
    2017-04-16 07:00
    im having still isues with the building meterial thing. I have all the needed mods and it shows up in my game but when I go to buy it nothing happens. I have deselected all non needed mods? IDK what to do plz help
  • Emil
    2018-11-13 00:21
    it's says you need to fill the silo
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