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LS17 Fischraeucherei placeable v1.0.0
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LS17 Fischraeucherei placeable v1.0.0

Fishing smokes Now we have another module for our fish farm: The fish-fattening delivery: fish from the fish farming max: 10000 liters and wood (tree trunks) max: 50000 l Edition: smoked fish on pallet (1000L) of 16 stairs each. Placed animated with factory script. We hope you have just as much fun with the smoke as we do. There is also a camp which can be placed exactly in the existing camp for the storage of your smoked fish. For given reason I have an uploaded link with inserted please do not seem to seem miraculous it is normal in today's time that strangers simply adorn themselves with strange feathers. MfG Kobold Koby and BaTt3RiE
Important: Please download the caviar production 1.0.2 in your Modordner then you can sell the smoked fish at the caviar shop.
Placement on other pages only with the original Downloadlink.

Textur: Kobold Koby
Script: Marhu/kevink98
Idee / Konzept: Kobold Koby /BaTt3RiE
Sonstige: ben686/mngrazy

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