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LS17 Kaviarproduktion placeable v1.0.2
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LS17 Kaviarproduktion placeable v1.0.2

Now also with version 1.0.2 smoked fish sell. MfG Kobold Koby.
Description: Caviar production Delivery live trout, production start caviar and fish meal for a pallet of caviar and 1 pallet of fish meal 4 pallets of living fish are needed. 1 pallet caviar consists of 6 drums and 8 boxes, 1 pallet of fishmeal consists of 12 bags of fishmeal, both must be taken away so that the production continues. Caviar and fishmeal can be sold at the accompanying fish caviar shop.

Script: kevink98/Marhu
Idee / Konzept: Kobold Koby/ BaTt3RiE
Tester: Kobold Koby
Sonstige: ben686 / mngrazy

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