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Macdon d60 v1
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Macdon d60 v1

Hello, This is the public   Macdon D60 converted from Farming Simulator 2013 then too Farming Simulator 15 Now into 17. 

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  • Terry
    2016-12-03 10:20
    hey guest how can u convert that header back to 15
  • @terry
    2016-12-03 10:27
    got to15 on mod hub and down load it
  • Terry
    2016-12-03 18:57
    ok other terry it only shows the grass cutting macdon it dont show the cutting macdon
  • Fuckuredneck
    2016-12-03 21:48
    were is the fucking cutter ?why i do whith this piece of shit whithout the cutter
  • Terry
    2016-12-03 21:58
    that what i want o know the header is not on 15 it is on 13 and it want convert to 15 and i have only seen the grass macdon header not the macdon cutting header
  • D


    2016-12-04 02:16
  • Terry
    2016-12-04 05:07
    hey Fuckuredneck its for a combine not the grass cutter retard, and yes it was converted to 15. maybe it just wasn't leaked on this site. this one needs some work but better then others people have posted.
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