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MAGSI Paletteplier for Teleloader v1.0
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MAGSI Paletteplier for Teleloader v1.0

This Mod is for a self-help Reason. Because the using of the Pallet Forks is very sticky and annoying, i created this Plier. It opens to the side with a slide function. But this one works withouth any Attachment Notes or anything like that, because of that the stability is a little bit weak.

To grab all kind of pallets in the Game, it is needed to close the Plier manually. Don't close the Plier to much or the Pallet is glitching trough the Forks. Try out to find the right point to grab the Objects. Also watch for some space between the pallets when you load it to a trailer so you can grab the pallets again to unload it.
The Fork can found in the Telescopeloader Section and fits on all loaders. You can grab any kind of objects with it.
The Log if free of Errors. Shop Graphics are included.
I know this is NOT a 100% working solution! Please don't judge this Mod to hard, it is only a Fun-Projekt for myself, what i want to share with you. If you have Tips or Solutions to make this Mod better or you want to retexture the Modell, please contact me! Don't steal any contents of my Mod without Permissions!

Modell: Endless Dark
Textur: Endless Dark
Script: Endless Dark
Idee / Konzept: Endless Dark

  • Zzzzz
    2016-12-18 00:17
    wow neat idea, i going to try this one for sure, i agree with you on pallet forks, time consuming/tricky to use, this will be better to grab/load the pallets. thanks for a neat little mod its greatly appreciated by me.
  • Alec
    2016-12-18 04:37
    Thank You so much for making this! It solves so many problems with loading trailers.
  • Shadowr434
    2016-12-18 17:43
    Doesn't seem to want to grab anything.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-12-18 21:20
    after testing this it does need some tweeking, after trying to clamp a pallet (pig food) it jumps around a lot when trying to clamp it tight enough to grip it for lifting. a V2 that's tweaked to fix this & its will be much better. good try though.
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