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Mod Map Maksimovka v2.8.1 for Farming Simulator 2017
A large map of the Russian outback with village houses, fields, rivulets, etc.
There are pigs, cows, sheep.
There are various manufactures.
Built-in mud.
The card is in the beta version, and will be modified.

sokur196. Rodik

  • Jeff
    2017-12-19 23:29
    Couple small issues, 1 was a bridge you cannot cross in 1 direction and an invisable hedge by the gravel pit! Other than that seems to be a great map looking forward to the finished product!
  • Thefare
    2017-12-19 23:35
    Is there fish and sand?
  • Thefare
    2017-12-19 23:38
    We try it though and tell you what I think as well. Funny how I was playing on this map on fs15 last week and this week
  • Thefare
    2017-12-20 01:15
    Would show up in mods but not maps
  • Ducksofwrath
    2017-12-20 02:07
    Needs the geese back and the calves
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