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MAN A.HELMER B.V. TGS 18480 cameleon v1.0
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MAN A.HELMER B.V. TGS 18480 cameleon v1.0

Hello, I present MAN A.HELMER B.V. TGS 18480 cameleon for FS17.

Bart, Giants

  • Fa285634
    2017-05-26 18:59
    --- Just to be clear this is NOT a mod by NLD FARMERS ---just an edit made without permission so remove it @ARDWINS
  • Farming frank
    2017-05-26 23:15
    It looks like CRAP! And you edited it without permission. Remove this mod right now!
  • Brainstick
    2017-05-26 23:20
    Get this piece of shit off the site dude! It's rediculous!! And without permission!Guys like you are the reason why good modders are quitting asshole!! You should be banned for life if it were up to me.
  • @brainstuck
    2017-05-26 23:28
    Don't listen to brainstuck, he's more like brainmissing
  • Lmfao
    2017-05-26 23:41
    While I do agree this looks hilariously bad, You DON'T need permissions to edit a public mod retards. If its released, its fair game. All you need to do is give proper credit for the mod you started with. Getting mad at a edit would be like a pc manufacturer getting mad if you upgrade your pc, or a car manufacturer getting mad when you swap engines, paint, or otherwise modify your vehicle. Grow the fuck up, its a game.
  • Another person
    2017-05-27 02:23
    welcome to world of digital ownership where u can use but not ALTER ...
  • Seanpierce
    2017-05-28 20:37
    i love the color so good mod
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