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MAN Baletransport v2.0
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MAN Baletransport v2.0

It works all the light equipment, pochkaetsya, clean, color choice, the choice of the color discs, two kinds of wheels, 4 types of engines, added another belt Also, all working on the trailer light equipment, pochkaetsya clean, choice of color disks, 2 kinds of wheels, and also added the straps!
It can carry pallets, bales of square, round, and all that your heart desires).

Dima Dikun,Giants

  • Bob (wires)
    2017-02-05 17:58 Send message
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    This Mod is not showing any "Control Keys" there is no info showing to change fill types, ( bales or pallets ) only item changeable is the " tie down straps" "key L" Bob.
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