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MAN extension for the MAN TGS WR-Pack v1.0
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MAN extension for the MAN TGS WR-Pack v1.0

Hii people :)
Here is the MAN Cobra Plus for the WR system. This vehicle is actually intended for forestry extension, yet it can carry all other WR bodies.
In the original this vehicle is for the wood shredder of the company JENZ.
So far, the MAN is the only vehicle in this pack. It is still to be added a TATRA.
My vehicles are in their own shop category
The optional / required extensions are listed under the modpack description.

What's in the pack:
Manufacturer / type: MAN Cobra Plus
Chassis: 8x8 2-2 ??and 1-3, 10x8 2-3
Purchase price basic version: 189500 €
Daily cost: 425 €
Engine power: 440hp, 480hp, 520hp + 680hp "tuning engine"
Tank capacity: 400 liters

Selectable engine power
Various front bars
Selectable tires (agricultural / off-road tires)
Work light on the cabin
Adaptive cornering light
License plate Script
Rotatable cabin !!!! (Reversing function with CTRL + B)
DynamicHoses for superstructures and trailers

Small, insignificant things on the edge:
The left hand of the driver is still being revised.

Required Modpack:
Basic Pack: https://tinyurl.com/ybg3cyyr

Optional modpack:
Forest Pack: https://tinyurl.com/ycummfdl

Have a lot of fun :)
MfG, Cougii

Modell: GIANTS, Klawkalash, Cougii,
Texturen: GIANTS, Klawkalash, Cougii
Tester Singleplayer: KingQuantum, Cougii
Tester Multiplayer: Joe_Matthew, Malle, Cougii
Licht-Coronas von Ziberg
LKW-Teile von freak36558
DynamicHoses von bm-modding
NumberPlates von Blacky_BPG
addStoreCategory von Ifkonator

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    why do that
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  • Man cobra
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    its actually pretty close to the real Jenz Cobra
  • Silviu1993
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    mod video here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP1x-s5xT04
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