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MAN Mixer v1
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MAN Mixer v1

Leave the original link Designed for mixing and transporting concrete to the place of use is Suitable for the cards the Gifts of the Caucasus
Power 540 HP
Transporting: concrete
Working dashboard and mirrors, animation hands of the farmer
Leaves traces, dust from the wheels

Leave the original link

Giants, Moeter, DDS-Modding, Manuscript_GT, KOVSH

  • Sturdy
    2017-02-16 20:18
    it does not work
  • Jacky
    2017-02-16 21:45
    fonctionne tres bien ,,,, merçi
  • Guest
    2017-02-16 21:52
    i don't know who this fucking idiot is trying to convert fs15 mods to fs17 none of them ever work and he needs to stop, as he knows shit about mod conversion. so if you recognize mods that where used in fs15 and converted to fs17 by this idiot they never work, waste of time.
  • Barry bonds
    2017-02-17 00:11
    who the fuck would want a cement truck anyway?this isn't construction simulator2017 !!!!!!people need to STOP uploading useless shit in a farming game!!!!
  • Saleg
    2017-02-17 00:48
    mod works perfectly, good job !!!
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-02-17 01:20
    Works for me no problems. Bob
  • Kraig
    2017-02-17 05:13
    Works perfectly for me too. thank you
  • Saleg
    2017-02-17 16:36
    whether there will be more modes for map Gifts of the Caucasus?
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