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MAN Rigid Frame Pack v1.0
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MAN Rigid Frame Pack v1.0

This pack it contains 16 pieces of equipment:
Man TGS -> a modified truck for Rigid Frame equipment;
Triple Axle Dolly -> a modified dolly for Rigid Frame equipment;
Standard - Timber Runner whit Crane;
Standard - Timber Runner;
Standard - Timber Cage;
Bergmann HTW65 - Tipper;
Krampe Bandit750 - Tipper;
Kroeger HKD302 - Tipper;
Fliegl TMK266 - Tipper;
Amazone - Auger Wagon;
Amazone Z20 – Fertilizer Spreader;
Amazone UF18 – Sprayer;
Garant Tanker – Will carry all liquids and includes Animated Overload Pipe if supported by map/mod;
UAL Flatbed – Flatbed featuring autoload script with a new timber pallet mode added;
Service Flatbed – Fill Points for Fertilizer, Seed, Fuel and Water (pay per use);
Animal Transport Trailer – Transport for 4 Cows, 10 Sheep and 8 Pigs.


  • Bob (wires)
    2017-03-22 16:21
    Is it possible to increase the Reach of the loading operation ( as it is now we have to be right on top of the Collector Pad, thus rendering it to a non working Mode ) Bob.
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