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MAN TGS 18.480 with Jenz HEM583 Woodcrusher v1.1
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MAN TGS 18.480 with Jenz HEM583 Woodcrusher v1.1

After a long Time, here is my first own big Mod in the first Version! It is an MAN TGS 18.480 with Jenz HEM583 Woodcrusher on the Back and a Ponsse Crane.

Version 1.1
- Support feet added. These have their own blinkers and a separate control group. Switch on these and then extend the feet to the desired setting.
- Shop description adapted
- Switch on the truck replaced by switching on the chopper
- The problem with the pipe will not be solved. It folds to the side it is on. As a result, it can pass through the crane when folded. However, does not cause any problems because it has no collision.
- First crane boom can be slightly higher. Unfortunately it does not go on. In my tests, I was able to bring all the tree trunks without problems to the chopper!
- minor bug fixes

Please notice: this is not a reality Mod or something like that! I don't know if this Vehicle is exsisting in real or not. I don't care, it is more a Fun-Mod! If you don't like it, just do not download it.

What is working so far:
- Woodcrusher works withour any Problems
- Fold and Unfold Table is working
- Pipe is working
- Cranecontrol is working
- Trailers can stiill be used with the additional Hitch
- Colorpick for both Truck and Woodcrusher
- Shopgraphics included
- Controlgroups for Crane/Pipe/Support Legs
- Truck can drive without problems, but care! It is really heavy, don't drive to fast!

And the most Important: The Log is Error-Free!

What is NOT working and planned:
- Support-Legs come with next Version! This is a first Version to test it!
- Store-Description is still the Truck, it will be changed
- Pipe is unfolding to the wrong direction
- Crane does not have Drive-Locking, it is planned!

I hope you like the Mod so far. Please send me your Feedback. Like i said, it is a first Version to test it a little bit. A next Version will come the next Days!

Modell: Giants / Endless Dark
Textur: Giants / Endless Dark
Script: Endless Dark
Idee / Konzept: Endless Dark

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    Bonjour,pour corrigé l'erreur qu'il y a dans le log, il faut aller ouvrir le i3d,dans la premiere ligne du haut,effacer tout ce qu'il est écrit avant textures comme et laisser comme suit!!voila ce que sa donne apres rectification
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    les lignes à rectifier ici!
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