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MAN TGS with Fliegl extension v5.0
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MAN TGS with Fliegl extension v5.0

Hi folks :)

Version 5
- Chassis reworked
- Backlight in LED optics
- Adjustments of driving behavior

This MAN has a Fliegl construction. the push-off is used to transport the crops.

Vehicle information:
Chassis: MAN TGS 8x8
Construction: Fliegl ASW gray / green
Sale price: € 214,500
Daily cost: 375
Speed: 80km / h
Engine performance: 36PS0, 460PS, 580PS

selectable colors for cabin and wheels
selectable engine performance
optional Trailer coupling
different Frontguard
selectable tires (streets / agricultural tires with different rims)
Work light to the front and to the sides.

Modell: GIANTS, Klawkalash, Cougii,
Texturen: GIANTS, Klawkalash, Cougii
Tester Singleplayer: KingQuantum, Cougii
Tester Multiplayer: Joe_Matthew, Malle, Cougii

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    mod video here,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZfVebKvcF0&t=16s
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