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Map Bjornholm v1.3.0.6
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Map Bjornholm v1.3.0.6

Bjornholm version for FS 17

- move the manure in the pig farm
- minor fixes

- fixed a problem with the texture of the building on the farm
- decorative job boards have been added

- changing the position of eggs
- new grain texture in the grain unloading points
- buildings in biogas converted to those with FS15
- machine in biogas plant SILOKING, converted to FLIEGL
- changed shelter on the farm
- added telephone booth on the farm

I present Bjornholm map of Farming Simulator 17.
The map has been edited. Added pig farm.
Textures from FS15.
Also changed startup machines, those with Farming Simulator 15.
The map looks like the original map from the previous game. Ideal for those with Scandinavian climates.

Author: CryKillerPL

  • Alex
    2017-10-09 23:07
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    Версия - переместил дерево / Версия - переместил дерево на место / Версия - решил, что на прежнем месте смотрелось дерево лучше (вернул)
  • Wadim
    2017-10-10 12:12
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    сезон модификация будет
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