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Map for Weiterbauen v1.0
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Map for Weiterbauen v1.0

Here I started a map to build but since I do not have much time, I just upload it.
If you like it closely would be the thing for him.
And he can build it on.
LG and much fun.
Niggels, VertexDezign, Farm Team Franken, Desperados93, Schauppi, Sirjoki80, thejohndeere7930, fendt927power,
steffen30muc, diemoddingecke, GSI Flasch, NKB-modding, The Thoboliker, Freak2009 and all other modders have objects which I used!
A huge large thanks to all my donors in random order!
Saschi, Audi driver Major_Fuchs, SimuFreunde, Schwarzwaldbuab, Janny, Volker Racho, Tobias Kriebel, KroneLDrengeN,
McMuffyFluffy, I love Fendt, Patrick Vogel, Lindner Unitrac fan, Zynios, Arno Roffler chuck bomb, John fendt936 TM,
This A Other, AlexLS, SirJoki80, DADA, agricultural technology Waldbrunn, Matti1607, THE HERCULES, LsFarmer Tom, The Bachl, Fabian Siller,
The Modding corner Leexo, M4tr1x


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