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The envelope is a favorite of many cards from FS15

Present you card on Caucasian subjects. Scenic terrain, varied terrain, land and sea, mountains and plains, fields of complex and simple forms. Unique scripts: dirt, fuel hose, trains and ships with a functional, animated animals, rotary mining excavator, its unique menu of this map, primenenie crops, the restriction on the choice of seed, lost equipment, tow truck, physics of the suspension on different surfaces, the weight of the cargo car.

On the map, purchased a lot of factories that produce 3 types of flour, bread, biscuits, beer, canned food, condensed milk, sugar, Rast. oil, concrete. Factories and fields sold in a real estate office, it is possible to improve plants and limited in the volume of warehouses for deforestation without penalty license is required. You have the choice of what to do, can sell raw crop, and can produce products and sell at a better price.

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stasenko100, Weder, igor29381, Андрей Кригер

  • Hsayar
    2017-02-08 14:22
    <!-- Load the corresponding modDesc_l10n_.XML file, or revert to 'en'/'de'. -->With a line in the form of modDesc_l10n_ (Language) .xml can be converted to have a chance to add translation.
  • Gamejack
    2017-02-08 15:05
    Im not Loading Beton, pleace help
  • Farmer
    2017-02-08 15:12
    Here is a simple map. Need equipment there, it is only those who bought the card. No harvesters for onions and carrots, no machine for concrete, there is no trailers for food (sugar, bread, flour, furniture and many others)
  • Gamejack
    2017-02-08 17:55
    this is Shit
  • Farmer
    2017-02-08 18:08
    I've downloaded the pack several mods. There are machines for products, but for concrete no. Onions and carrots to remove the mod from the map SUDHEMMERN V3.0
  • Farmer
    2017-02-08 18:17
  • Ich


    2017-02-08 20:11
    pack several not for Concrete
  • Yesssss
    2017-02-08 23:46
    finally, been waiting for this!!!!
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-02-09 05:11
    Hi All....Comment & Information, Great Map Good Job.This Map has it`s own Menu System, activated by "Key /" ( front slash ) therefore our standard "key I" is useless ( will show no information ) . When you set in the Farm, the Silos are set at Low volume, They can be increased to high volume (3,000,000 units) But,But you will have to Empty all silos (11 ) of them, to Zero value. Then go into town to the Contractor (walk into the Icon, ( you should see a Map appear,
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-02-09 05:23
    From above....Look for Silo location, Click with mouse, This will get the Contractor to Increase Volume of the silos to 3,000,000 units. Set your seeder to have it empty the tank, as you need it empty to change Fruit Types. Crop you put in the various locations will get to a limit, then at some random time some of the crop will be Moved to the Port silos, ( now you have room to put in more Crop .At some Random time the Port silos will be emptied by a Ship. then the Cycle starts over.
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-02-09 05:40
    From above...This Map has the "hud Text Option" for all Vehicles ( Seeders, Harvesters, Trucks & Trailers ) This option I think we would all like to have for our Standard Maps, but we would have to figure out how the Author did it. Because I have been told that because of the Major changes to the Game by "Giants" this year it could be difficult . This Author did it, So how did he do it ???? Bob.
  • Farmsimmac
    2017-02-09 10:02
    Sharemods are Great, thanks
  • Farmsimmac
    2017-02-09 10:30
    Concrete truck would be great, everything else seems to work as in FS15
  • Noname
    2017-02-09 11:18
    Concrete have real buyers card. This option is not here stole all the equipment. I added in the description screenshot mixer
  • Rayamo
    2017-02-10 10:11
    is there any way to see, where I can sell what? In the PDA are only three lines.
  • Jacky
    2017-02-11 09:08
    saisir (!) et la console apparait
  • Name
    2017-02-12 14:05
    не работает
  • Evgehii
    2017-02-12 14:06
    не работает vat
  • Farmsimmac
    2017-02-13 19:18
    Concrete have real buyers card ?????? I still do not understand where the Concrete Truck is located for download.
  • Rejeant
    2017-02-17 05:54
    le courseplay ne fontionne pas dans les silo s pour faire du nivellage mais tres belle map
  • Gazior344
    2017-02-19 02:15
    na patchu 1.2.0 nie uruchamia mi się nawet bez żadnych modów. może ktoś wie jak ja uruchomić może trzeba jakieś dodatki. z góry dzieki
  • Ricefarmer
    2017-02-24 22:58
    How do I get the stones out of the way?For example at the quarry entrance (?)thanks
  • Pausim
    2017-02-26 15:03
    modpack : http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2017-mods/fashion-card-gifts-of-the-caucasus/
  • Ricefarmer
    2017-03-02 03:58
    Does not work with the modpack, does not carry concrete
  • Ricefarmer
    2017-03-03 20:11
    I have a tank that takes the milk to the factory but afterwards it can not be discharged in it, the factories BAKERY AND DAIRY are having problems in the sale of milk
  • Ricefarmer
    2017-03-08 20:46
    I have solved the problem of the sale of milk but with continuous concrete without vehicle to buy and sell
  • Ohlweiler
    2017-03-22 01:45
    Hello. I can't get to show the map menu. Is there any other mod I need to have?I tried the "/" and the "!", but nothing works. Even on the little question icons does not show anything. Any help? Thanks.
  • Ricefarmer
    2017-03-22 22:14
    To show the map menu click "."
  • Ricefarmer
    2017-03-22 22:20
    sorry is "-"
  • Steffen
    2017-07-10 15:12
    Hi can anybody get the milk unloaded ?? i tryed dif milk trailer
  • Ricefarmer
    2017-07-14 03:24
    Milk trailer and other trailershttp://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2017-mods/fashion-card-gifts-of-the-caucasus/
  • Mike fluharty
    2018-01-18 19:45
    The map menu key "." does not work for me. Any suggestions?
  • Mike fluharty
    2018-01-18 19:46
    The map menu key "." does not work for me. Any suggestions? Also, "-" does nothing.
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