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Massey Ferguson pack by Stevie
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Massey Ferguson pack by Stevie

FS2017 Massey Ferguson Pack.
Added selectable twin wheels to the 7000 series and also added selectable rear twin wheels to the 7000TR as well. All have dyeable body textures and wheel rims, all have new exhaust particle colours. All have slightly higher speed whilst retaining the original power specs. All are slightly cheaper.
All have fixed schema's for attachments. Correct steering adjustments applied to the 7000 models for the twin wheels.
If you have the old pack delete it from the mod folder first.

Original by Giant's, mod by Stevie.

  • Carlb72
    2016-10-31 22:27
    Thanks Stevie
  • Thanks
    2016-11-01 06:48
    Thanks! Love Stevie's mods! :)
  • Erik77
    2016-11-02 18:32
    I can not pick up on front loader 7700 serie
  • Joe


    2017-12-30 18:47
    I am not able to log in to the google drive. Its asking for a password.
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